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Failure calculations

By material properties such as yield strength and elastic modulus of the material or materials of construction, we can accurately determine the failure load of a construction. These parameters can determine a safety to succumb. This approach is an alternative to, or support of, laboratory tests. It is also possible to determine the loads, which has led to the observed damage.

Failure calculations - Connections 1

Connections 1

Determination of the ultimate moment capacity of a beam-column connection

Failure calculations - Connections (2)

Connections (2)

Determination of the ultimate load on a column head

Failure calculations - Failure of Beams

Failure of Beams

Determination of the ultimate load on beams

Failure calculations - Ship Lock door

Ship Lock door

Customer Delta, analysis collision against ship lock door

Failure calculations - Cardan beams Oosterscheldekering

Cardan beams Oosterscheldekering

Ultimate capacity of the Cardan Beams for the slides on the main pillars. Client: RWS

Failure calculations - Padeye calculation

Padeye calculation

Ultimate capacity of a padeye of a platform. Client: GDF Suez