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Finite element specialists

Special constructions

If you can sketch it, we can calculate it!

We have experience with:

  • Theater and performing (outside) art
  • Assembly engineering
  • Plastic supports
Special constructions - Brighton I360 Tower

Brighton I360 Tower

Client: Hollandia Infra BV

Special constructions - Pani Community Centre

Pani Community Centre

Client Schilder Scholte Architecten, Bamboe structure

Special constructions - Bird aviary Blijdorp

Bird aviary Blijdorp

Client: CAE Nederland/Blijdorp

Special constructions - Painting structure 1

Painting structure 1

Bridge Ewijk, Cliƫnt GSB

Special constructions - Painting Structure 2

Painting Structure 2

Structure at the sides of the bridge GSB

Special constructions - Block box as windscreen

Block box as windscreen

Client ADS Ertner; 60m x 3.5m

Special constructions - Artwork Baronielaan Goorle H2O

Artwork Baronielaan Goorle H2O

Client: Jos van den Bersselaar